• For the upcoming AGM season shareholders who attend virtually will have to be given a chance to ask questions orall… https://t.co/SgR0zQJDkY

  • As COVID Delta surges Australian listed companies will need to rely on virtual briefings and meetings to connect wi… https://t.co/I6dBsOI1CB

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  • Is the heat coming out of the Australia IPO market? We review activity levels in FY21. https://t.co/eMSxClpwN0… https://t.co/r60IhbeSQY

30 September 2021

Virtual AGMs

GILES RAFFERTY, Corporate Communication and Media Advisor Talking the talk at virtual AGMs As AGM season looms large, the Australian Federal Government has given clarity around what will be required to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting during the latter part of 2021. A key change, compared to the COVID-19 inspired temporary arrangements introduced in 2020, […]

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30 September 2021

Activists in Action

Another quiet month on the activism front in Australia with the two recent campaigns both involving founders targeting Companies they set up. In August, Si6 Metals had two 249D notices issued to them from interests associated with Patrick Volpe, the founder and former Chairman of Si6. The first notice, on 6 August proposed to elect […]

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31 August 2021

Nailing Your Virtual Events

ROWAN CLARKE, Investor Relations With most of Australia being plunged back into lockdown, and the August reporting season about to merge into roadshow season, there is no getting away from the fact that virtual briefings and meetings are still the only way to connect with shareholders and investors. So in this blog we explore the […]

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27 July 2021

Starting the ESG journey

ROWAN CLARKE, Investor Relations At FIRST Advisers, we are increasingly offering advice to companies on how to best position themselves to meet investor demand for ESG accountability. What was once seen as a topic for socially conscious asset managers, is now widely adopted by investors. ESG was a hot topic at the US based National […]

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30 June 2021

The IPO Market in 2021

ROWAN CLARKE, Investor Relations The IPO market in 2020 sprang into life in October, having retreated into hibernation with the advent of COVID. The rush to list turned into a stampede as the year drew to a close with December registering a record listing in one month of 29 companies. This included large and high […]

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