Shareholder Analytics


The real identities of a company’s shareholders are frequently hidden behind large nominee companies
and complex financial arrangements which disguise who the true beneficial owners are.

Even when the beneficial owner is known, they may not be responsible for the investment decisions or hold voting rights over that stock, an increasingly important matter in an age of shareholder activism.

We are the leading independent specialists in Shareholder Analytics and Register Analysis. We leave no stone unturned when identifying your shareholders and who holds the power in shareholder votes and proxy battles. In M&A situations we are Australia’s leading supplier of ‘target company’ shareholder analytics.

Our unique investigative methods go deep down into the many layers of institutional share ownership and are proven to identify significantly more shareholders than standard register analysis.

As Investor Relations specialists we are also able to attach meaning to the data. We produce insightful reports that are easy to read and set the standard for data quality and transparency. We overlay all our reports with ‘actionable intelligence’ – knowledge gained through years of investor relations experience – including profiles of institutional investors and the contact details of the relevant decision makers.

  • Market leading share register analysis
  • Customised reports with actionable intelligence
  • Customised Board reports with broker market share analysis
  • Integration with AccessIR’s relationship management tools
  • Provide the foundation of effective investor relations