Corporate Communications


Take a comprehensive, strategic view of your company’s communication needs and implement actions
and tactics which secure your broader business goals.

Corporate Communications

Our diverse backgrounds in capital markets, corporate affairs and the financial media equip us with an innate understanding of how to engage with investors, journalists, governments, employees, communities and other key stakeholders.

  • Strategic communications advice and support – trusted counsel and practical assistance for a wide variety of external and internal communications
  • Content development and marketing – professional, polished content which engages your audience and enhances your message
  • Communications audits and surveys – confidential, benchmarked assessments of how your company or organisation is perceived by the media and other stakeholders
  • Crisis Communications – experienced, cool-headed advice and strategy during a crisis or when preparing contingency plans

Media Relations

The news cycle is now measured in hours instead of days. Effective, dynamic media relations has become even more critical to a company’s health. Companies need to know how to work within the media’s increasingly limited attention span and time constraints to promote their interests and protect their reputation.

Much of what passes for PR and media relations is wasted effort because few understand what makes “news” and how it is produced. We have been working with or within the media for a combined 50 years, bringing our clients an unrivalled understanding of its currents and complexities.

FIRST Advisers understands what influences journalists and commentators, what they need and when, and how to work with them to generate the best possible editorial coverage for our clients.