part page: Shareholder Activism

Ensuring you are prepared is critical

  • Monitor your register. Look for activist investors, over 80% of activism in Australia is home grown
  • Gather intelligence. Capture independent feedback from shareholders and key influencers
  • Assess Vulnerabilities. Be aware of what triggers activism – think like an activist – and know where you sit on the risk continuum

Effective engagement with key stakeholders matter

  • Activist Shareholders. Most are motivated to add value and improve shareholder returns
  • Institutional shareholders. Majority believe activism adds value to a target company and want evidence the Board is listening and talking to activists
  • Retail shareholders. Need to be brought on board through a well-orchestrated call campaign
  • Financial Media. Monitor the media, nominate a spokesperson to ensure consistent messaging

FIRST Advisers has been advising companies and working with activist shareholders for the past decade. This experience enables us to offer our clients a unique perspective, challenging preconceptions and developing a campaign strategy tailored to achieve success.

Clients choose FIRST Advisers because we combine this deep experience with our 24/7 commitment to media management, high-quality register analytics and in house shareholder engagement team, to deliver relevant and consistent information to the company’s shareholders.