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1 May 2019

The importance of good design

GOOD DESIGN is the difference between telling someone and showing them. It can be the difference between informing your audience or convincing them. A carefully composed image, an effectively executed graphic concept or a thoughtfully constructed layout can convert worthy content into memorable messages. We sat down with Campbell van Venrooy, a graphic designer with […]

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1 May 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts of Investor Days (Part 2)

VICTORIA GEDDES, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Following on from Part 1, published in our April 2019 Newsletter, this second part of the overview of Investor Days looks closely at what the audience wants to hear i.e. the content most commonly covered and how to put together an effective presentation. What your audience wants to know Bearing in […]

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30 April 2019

Activists in Action

APRIL ROUNDUP The past month saw ten new actions commence, the majority of which related to meeting requisitions targeting the removal of the board or targeted directors. Interestingly two of these related to the same company, Smiles Inclusive, which has received three requisition notices since late March, two from the same activist group. Both Benjamin […]

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29 March 2019

Feb 2019 Guidance Review

DAN JONES, MANAGER SHAREHOLDER ANALYTICS During February we monitored companies in the S&P/ASX300 Index that reported for the period ending 31 December 2018, building a picture of the approach to guidance in this market and what that guidance is telling us about outlook for FY19. Around three quarters of companies within the S&P/ASX 300 index […]

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28 March 2019

Purpose for the Board

GILES RAFFERTY, Corporate Communications and Media Advisor A listed company’s Purpose is now, very much, a matter for Board consideration. The latest edition of the ASX’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations makes it clear the Board is responsible for linking a company’s Purpose to its strategic goals. Principle 3 states a listed entity should instil a […]

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